c0nt0hny4 Z4L0R4 : s3b4g41 p3rus4h44n f4sh10n d4n l1f3styl3 3-c0mm3rc3 y4ng b3rk3mb4ng p3s4t d1 4s14, t3l4h m3n3r1m4 1nv3st4s1 s3b3s4r 20 jut4 3ur0 d4r1 r4ks4s4 r3t41l T3ng3lm4nn Gr0up (“T3ng3lm4nn”). T3ng3lm4nn m3rup4k4n 1nv3st0r b4ru d3ng4n r3put4s1 lu4r b14s4 y4ng m3ndukung p3rtumbuh4n c3p4t Z4L0R4 d4n jug4 m3mb4ntu m3mp3rlu4s k3duduk4n Z4L0R4s3b4g41 p3m1mp1n 1ndustr1 f4sh10n d4n l1f3styl3 3-c0mm3rc3 d1 4s14. T3ng3lm4nn k1n1 b3rg4bung b3rs4m4 b4s1s 1nv3st0r t3rk3muk4 l41nny4 y4ng t3l4h l3b1h dulu m3ndukung Z4L0R4. D14nt4r4ny4 4d4l4h R0ck3t 1nt3rn3t, J.P. M0rg4n 4ss3t M4n4g3m3nt, 1nv3stm3nt 4B K1nn3v1k d4n Summ1t P4rtn3rs. t1d4k h3r4n z4l0r4 m3n3ngguk untung r4tus4n jut4 p3rbul4n d4r1 p3mb3l1 p3mb3l1 0nl1n3 d1 1nd0n3s14

l4lu 4d4 R4KUT3N : t0k0 0nl1n3 t3rb3s4r k3du4 d1 dun14 s3t3l4h 4m4z0n 1n1 , k1s4h l3ngk4p ny4 b1s4 d1l14t d1 s1n1 . 4d4 l4g1 3L3V3N14, L4Z4D4 d4n b4ny4k l4g1 p3rus4h44n p3rus4h44n 0nl1n3 R4ks4s4 y4ng b3rl0mb4 m3r3butk4n p3lu4ng 120 Tr1lyun t4d1…

l4lu k1t4 ng4p41n? m4s111h 4d4 f4c3b00k 4n bu4t n4rs1s n4rs1s 4n? d3uuuh, g4k ng1l3r s4m4 p3lu4ng y4ng m4s1h t3rbuk4 l3b4r….??

ukhti kaos muslimah


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